From: joelsona@superman.cig.mot.com
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 23:35:24 EET

>Aren't the Waertagi coming back? Following the Firebergs? Once they
>regroup, the Vadeli are in for real trouble.

Peter Metcalf:
If only. What looks likely to happen is that the Waertagi and
the Vadeli join forces!

     But why? Aren't they interested in re-asserting their maritime dominance?
Why let the Vadeli just sail around without permission/tribute/etc. These
guys have been sailing through Hell for centuries, surely they've acquired some
pretty ugly abilities during that time? I would not be surprised if they have
some crude means of steering firebergs (crude meaing they can ram reasonably
large targets, like islands....).



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