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The "Killer Kiwi"
> >The God Learners (taken to mean the group of
> >people capable of God Learner magic) were far from unified, politically or
> >intellectually.
> They were unified both politically and intellectually. They had
> universities which churned out degrees by the thousands and they
> all owed allegiance to the Middle Sea Empire.

I think the very existence of many universities is what means they aren't
intellectually unified! I can only imagine the learned debate and
dicussion (sic) that went on in faculty tearooms and symposia regarding
the epistemoligical ramifications of theremoval of the racoon
guardian,etc. Not to mention all those snotty-faced students thinking
they know better than their lecturers... IMHO the divisions would be
comparable to, or greater than those found in most modern liberal arts

> loads of fun running this at conventions, especially at RQ Con II where one
> team (including Nick Brooke and some of the lads from Seattle/Victoria)
> finally dispensed with dice altogether and used beer bottle tops to
> determine outcomes. The more beer drunk, the more variables we added to the
> game! (This was also the game were we had to make up an extra PC on the
> sly, and made him a disgraced 79 year old Light Priest who farted in the
> temple or something. When Rich, the guy playing him asked what geases his
> character had, we all replied, "All of them!" It made for some very amusing
> roleplaying (though I assure the scenario itself is quite serious!).

I second this - it is a great scenario and we had a great time. Although
I am still a little peeved that the the South African got typecast as the
racist, xenophobic dope-smoker... <grin>

> Simon Jones:
> > The cults mentioned in G:GCotHW- including Earth Eater, Secret Waters, =
> > Shadow Cancer, Star Permutator and Sun Storm, all apparently =
> > misunderstood Kralorelan or slaor virtues- any ideas or comments?
> They sound rather elemental to me. Emperor Thalurzni is
> the Balancer of Elements, so I think these were originally
> the deities of his enemies in Ignorance. Now, this is a
> pretty tall assumption from a single sentence, so if someone
> has a cooler idea, I'll readily adopt it. Peter?

I must admit that my ideas are informed by my deep love of the poetry of
Edward Lear, Lewis Carrol, et al.

I cannot recommend the Edward Lear Homepage
<> enough - it contains most of
his works including the origional (excellent - in deferrence to Nick)
illustrations. There will always be a co-operative cauliflower in my
Glorantha who: had no feet at all, being able to walk tolerably well with
a fluctuating and graceful movement on a single cabbage stalk, an
accomplishment which naturally saved him the expense of stockings and

The recent star debate has got me thinking about the cult of the Star
Permutator. My sick twisted imagination can only conclude that the
confusion and conflicting theories are as the result of the insiduous
machinations of this devious cult. Their huge underground observatories,
shaped like inverted sky domes filled with intricate orries lubricated
with blood and other obscure substances, and subtly twisted
representations of celestial mechanics are not for mere observation of the
stars, but for their actual manipulation!

They are now, of course, being manipulated Fu Manchu-like by the current
Exarch of Bliss in Ignorance to furthur his nefarious plans of world
domination, Mwahahahaha!

I have somewhere the bare outlines of the epic, but tragic, love story of

> Speaking of whom:
> >I've heard Sandy say that the Shadow Cancer is actually the Cult
> >of Malia.
> Interesting since that's a connection I made too when
> musing on these cults in the context of my former, now
> dead East Isles campaign (the main henchmen of the big
> bad guy were illuminates, cynically manipulating and
> running these obscure cults for their own power).

Aaaah, but who is the manipulator and who the manipulatee? It is well
known that the cult of the Shadow Cancer is not only concerned with mere
physical illness, but with the subtle cancers of the mind... Paranoia,
Megalomania, Insanity, Delusion - these are the fruits of the Shadow

Yours, cackling insanely,
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Dave Pearton
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