Re: Ignorance and Koromandol

From: Andrew Raphael (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 03:02:40 EET

>Koromandol coast: The closing seems to have taken the form of massive
>fog in this far corner of the world. The trolls are mostly
>unnaffected, as fog is irrelevent to their darksense, but awful for
>humans. This has allowed them to develop/maintain their big whale
>hunting culture mostly in isolation since they were cast out of

I submit that the whaling done by the Uz of Koromandol is within sight
of land, and so unaffected by the Closing, fog or no fog. Drifting out
to sea is still a bad idea. If the whale makes it out to sea, it gets
away. The Uz don't follow it.

I'm thinking of Eden and Twofold Bay on the South Coast of New South
Wales here. Open boats launched from shore. No "Pequod" here.

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