URL for MOB's Glorantha Page

From: Michael O'Brien (mob@bayswater.schnet.edu.au)
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 03:37:39 EET

G'day everyone,

URL for MOB's Glorantha Page
(part 3 of what seems to be an becoming an ongoing series of bloopers)

Stupid me neglected to put the URL of my Glorantha Page on my recent update
message. Instead, in my sig. there was web address for my School, d'oh!
Thanks to the people who pointed this out, who presumably ended up looking
at Bayswater kids sitting at computers (in the same tiny chairs we all had
to squeeze our "standard-gamer"-SIZed butts into at RQ Con Down Under).

The *correct URL for MOB's Glorantha Page is:

Sorry everyone!



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