More anachronisms.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 08:41:13 EET

James Frusetta suggest we all:
> sacrifice for some sort of ritual Eat Iron spell (allows the
> troll caster to eat iron without taking damage)

Doubtless granted by the spirit Gaviscon?

> The Austro-Hungarian army had a *lot* of different units raised from
> different areas and composed of different nationalities. Even into the
> 20th century, many regiments had certain unique rights. These included:

[Lots of Bohemians doing epicly strange things!]

Tremendous! If you made stuff like that up, no-one would believe you.
Well, unless your name was Emperor Freiderich II, or to such effect.
Can you give us a pointer to the source for these rogue facts?Bill.McKinley:

> It was, I guess, a commentary on crowd behaviour. It is said,
> semi-facetiously, that the intelligence of a crowd is equal to the
> IQ of the lead intelligent member of the crowd divided by the number
> of people in it.

This sounds like a variant on the old electrical engineer's saw:
"Parallel IQ: use formula for parallel resistance". (Bet that one has
the liberal arts types, lawyers and accountants simply rolling around
on the floor.) ;-)

Sergio Mascarenhas, some time ago:

> Prax / the Wastes are (IMO intensionaly) similar to central Asia in the
> sense they are a crossing between different civilizations and peoples.

Pent plays role much more markedly, though, being a veritable thoroughfare
for exchange of civilisation and mayhem between the Lunar Empire and

Cheers, and good night,


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