Humakti new or otherwise

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Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 10:11:18 EET


Steve (in response to me) wrote

>The extreme fanatic humakti who can't even use healing on themselves,
>is getting too wierd, I don't mind the odd example of such, but if all
>of them are like that I can't see that many make it to Runelevel

Of course!(slaps forehead) I had never even considered that the
prohibition would be against healing even themselves, I was thinking
more in terms of healing from A.N.Other person, who wasn't Chalanna
Arroy (the rest of the party). Thats a real eye opener.

I am not sure where I stand on this, probably on stoney ground....

I also am against the "new" humakti if you follow sergio's line of
thinking that even ressurrection is possible. As for the intiation rites
being funeral rites etc. I am afraid I am a big supporter.

Also First Aid being aligned to life and magical healing not, I can't
see it. To me, first aid is stopping you bleeding to death, sewing up
wounds and allowing the body to heal naturally. Magical healing just
accelerates the process. If you don't like one, how can you like the
other? (of course the same cticism can be aimed at me ;))

A question to the rest the digest:

We have heard about the Granite Phallanx etc of the Lunar army. But are
there regimental names for the schools of magic that take the field? It
seems odd to refer to them just a Schools of Magic, should they have
names like The Crimison Sorcerers or Silver Magicians of the Moon.


BTW Steve, my name is spelt Colin Phillips not Collin Philips.

Colin Phillips


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