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Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 11:56:11 EET

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 The Esrovulli do not have a high ruler of their lands, this is a male
supremacists notion. Instead each of the internal sub-regions is ruled by a
Matriach or Queen. These most holy and magnificent women come together at
regular intervals, that are established in accordance the agricultural
calender. The most powerful of the 'queens' is the Matriarch of Notchet,
due to her control of that great port and its imports. However Notchet is
often deemed by the hard core traditionalists to be a festering hole of
unearthly practices and so the Matriach's vote is little respected by her
sisters when the matter of state is social morality.

 On a smaller level the rural communities are organised and coordinated by
a "Womens Square". These are respected and loved members of the 'Female
community'. The positions on this council amongst conservative (Old Earth)
Esrovulli have only four positions those of Women of the Crypt (Ty Kora
Tek), Keeper of the Granaries (Asrelia), Mother of the People (Ernalda) and
Source of Life (Esrola).

 The less conservative and open minded have opened the 'Square' to six
positions adding the Guardian of Morality (Empress Earth) and The Knower
of Secrets (Earth Witch).

 In the northern and far Western war like regions of Esrolia, where regular
contact with foreign peoples means that the earth needs protection, they
have replaced the latter two with Bloody Daughter (Barbeester Gor) and
Earthquake Woman (Maran Gor).

 In the south of the lands, near Porthomeka they have adopted some solar
positions on the council Speaker to Volcanoes (Caladra) and Hearth Keeper
(Mahome) help ease relations with the fierce fire worshipping

 The Red Earth Alliance seeks to offer a position to the Lunar goddess
within their 'Squares'
 It must be noted that the 'Square' do vary in their make up throughout the
year. In nearly all councils 'Esrola' is replaced by The Virginal One
(Voria) throughout Sea Season - although admitedly the council member often
only changes her role and not her personality. Some do argue that the
fecund and fertile priestesses of the Grain Goddess should not be called
'virginal' and so a young girl, uncourted woman or an especially selected
Spring Queen holds the position. In some very exceptional regions me do
have a position on this exculsively female region. These men are typically
the ritual Sun Kings/Fools who may sit upon the council for one day and
make one decree as part of their position. This decree is traditionally
'More wine for the men' and then the Sun King was sacrificed to the earth
(this practice was sopped by the Pharoah).

 It must be noted that in relation to matters of community, agriculture and
morality the Esrolian Square has much greater effect than the Orlanthi
Ring. However the lack of effective military advisers on the councils
illustrates the military frailty of the country of Esrolia. The Pharoah may
measures to remedy this by giving regular advice to the Matriachs when they
attended council at the City of Wonders, but he is gone. Thus we must look
to offer our support.

 A letter from Kallyr Starbrow to the High Priestess of Vinga, Circa 1618.

 Cheers Simon.


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