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The <TheCam@aol.com> wrote
>Esrolia is an Orlanthi society but matriarcal, right? So, what does this
do to
>the "standard" makeup of the Orlanthi ring? Does it even exist? Which
>does this affect? Clan? Tribal? Both?

        _IMG_ there are two types of Woman's Ring; Esrolia-wide and
City-connected. The largest meetings are held in Ernalda (the city as per
the RQ Companion) after Ernalda HHD ceremonies. Positions are as follows:

        Ernalda (Attended by a Chief Priestess of Ernalda)
        Babeester Gor (replaces Humakt)
        Ty Kora Tek (Attended by a matriarch of Necropolis)
        Asrelia (Attended by a leading matriarch of Asrelia's Rest)
        Maran Gor
        Wheat Mother (replaces Orlath Thunderous)

Orlanth Rex is omitted. Of course, these women are not there alone but with
a loads of scribes and other people.

Individual cities have their own versions but all positions are filled by
members of the matriarch's clan or family.=20

Of secondary importance is Husband's Ring; those meetings are held in the
same time but in a different place in Ernalda (usually within the confines
of Orlanth Thunderous temple.
        Argan Argan (Lately held by Argan Argar husband of Hendira)
        Barntar (largely ceremonial position)
        Magasta (Magasta husband from Rhigos, as assigned by the port)
        Orlanth Thunderous
        Urox (Ceremonial pries of Urox since many Esrolian Uroxi are women)

Peter Metcalf:
>If only. What looks likely to happen is that the Waertagi and
>the Vadeli join forces!

Somebody else
> But why? Aren't they interested in re-asserting their maritime
>Why let the Vadeli just sail around without permission/tribute/etc.

Drown the devious land-lubbers first; after that we can concentrate on
wiping _each other_ out.=20

Continuing my comment about who IMO really pulled the strings in God
Learner Empire:
David Cake
> Maybe its because I work in a university (though not for much
>longer, today was resignation day) that I find the reasoning that 'degrees=
>churned out by the thousands' implies 'intellectual unity' rather

        Ever read Pierre Bourdieu ? Universities get their support from the
establishment and, in return, often take their side no matter how
"international" they claim to be. I can imagine faculties churning out
reasons of all kinds to "prove" that the whoever pays them is somehow
right. (Exceptions do exist, as always)

        (OTOH, I can also imagine notes like this in something similar to a year
book: "Fertility Disorder Illusion Disorder Fraternity performed an
experiment to Godtime and came back as Boggles")

        Besides, if taken literally, 'degrees churned out by thousands' hints more
to very effective but not necessarily comprehensive education. "Take
'Metaplane Mechanics', it is compulsory - 'Metaplane Ethics' is optional.
You do want your degree in time, right ?"

        And the more universities, the worse rivalry between them.

>> And the good reasons for the Manhattan project have not stopped
>>people from condemning it.
>But they condemn it out of _ignorance_.

        IMO nobody truly foresaw the effects of the A-bomb; no amount of
mathematics prepared anyone to see the human side of that much destruction.
Atomic bomb was just that - a very big bomb.=20
        Nowadays people _know all too well_ what are the effects of a nuclear bomb
but comdemning Manhattan Project is useless. Nobody really knew -
everything else is an afterthought and hindsight.

Vesa Lehtinen
APP 10


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