Arkat the Deceiver

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Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 13:40:25 EET

Peter replying to David Dunham:
>>This is how I view things (except that, of course, Arkat *is* the
>>deceiver). The Theyalans brought cool deities and civilization.
>>Arkat destroyed the latter, and brought troll domination.

>The curious thing is, I was looking at some of the descriptions in
>the Ralios Writeup and wondered that if some of the things that
>Arkat did could really have been some of the things that Nysalor
>once did. For instance, the Elf Lord marching out of Ballid and
>Trolls settled at Guhan..

At least for a time - it appears that Arkat had some of his first
Krjalki fighting experience against trolls somewhere around Guhan. The
Arkat-elf alliance might be possible early on - the Brithini of Brithos
had long arranged themselves with the aldryami, unlike the Seshnegi who
- - after one of their serpent kings and another leader had married dryads
(who are able to reproduce with humans due to their innate magic, unlike
brown elf females) who left their husbands after giving birth to a few
sons and one daughter. The kings first searched for their wives, then
tried brute force to get them back. Needless to say that this caused
some bad blood (or sap) and ended the amiable relations which had been
intended with these marriages...

But Arkat taking credit for what was good about Nysalor's reign would be

(Yes, this is an agreement statement... you can close your mouths now.)

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