Re: Ancient Waertagi Mariners

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 14:06:19 EET

King Andrew Bean ably summarises the Waertagi from Hell.

> Their contacts with the normal world have been very limited... they
> turn their back on the world and look for something they are used
> to: their old allies the Brithini. "They are now combing the Sea of
> Fog in an effort to bring back the Brithini"

It's fairly commonly believed that Zzabur shafted the Waertagi with
the Closing, sending them all down the Great Plughole while Brithos
wafted away to a higher state of being (and/or a Fireberg Incident,
if you believe everything you see in drug-crazed visions).

I think they may be trying to "bring back the Brithini" in exactly
the same way the FBI are trying to bring back America's Most Wanted,
and with a similarly "cruel and unusual" end in view.

And, of course, there is *NO* reason why all Waertagi should agree
on what's best to do. Any more than the Orlanthi can agree among
themselves on whether or not the Red Moon is a Good Thing. Thus, we
have a world where one Waertagi city-ship thinks the Brithini are
their best friends, despite the evidence; another thinks the Vadeli
are their best means of getting revenge on the hated Brithini; and
others have still more variant theories and policies, including,
as Andrew says, the "normal" Waertagi, left behind and mostly land-
locked for the whole Third Age. (And anyone who remembers my Greens
and Blues from Sog City *knows* that these don't share a common
agenda, even when they live right next to each other).

> "The Brithini are coming back. Be afraid, be very afraid"

Let's not tell him about the Waertagi and the Vadeli, hey?

Alex writes:

> What quantitative, provable differences would you suggest
> between starlight (say) and solar light?

It's safe enough to ask that here. But I suggest you don't ask it
in Yuthuppa...



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