From: Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 18:22:25 EET

Nick said:

>Ain't necessarily so. When the Orlanthi migrate or invade, they're
>Bad News. But Safelstrans would be happy to employ Orlanthi as mercs:
>also, think of the "Thracian Archers" used as police in classical
>Athens. (Or were they Scythians: I forget. Anyway, the parallel's
>good). The "What the Wizard Says" piece from GoG criticises the
>Orlanthi for being, not barbaric, but *unreliable* -- you can't ever
>depend on them to turn up when you need them most.

It was the Scythians. Nothing like an unwashed bunch of bowlegged,
bowstring garotting barbarians to put the fear of the law in a people. You
never know what they're capable of (though many tales and rumours abound)
and their first loyalty as outsiders is ostensibly to their employers. A
role for hairy, blowhard, unwashed cash-hungry Orlanthi in Safelster. They
might not put too much reliance on them as mercenaries though since they
"...are like the wind; first blowing hot and hard, then wavering, and
fading when needed most." (What the wizard says)

Of course anyone who relies too much on mercenaries will sooner or later
get what they deserve.



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