Humakti death and

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Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 19:19:24 EET

Regarding Humakti death:

Sergio writes:

    Anyway, I think that the cult of Humakt should have at least some sort of
    ceremony to ensure a proper death for cult members dying of causes
    different from fighting. Something like the catholic ritual performed by
    priests moments before death (I don't know its name in English).

Exactly right! In my Glorantha, Humakti want mroe than anything else to die
properly, i.e. by the sword. When a Humakt warrior is dying of something
other than a combat wound, he will usually ask a companion to kill him.
Often the dying cultist will hold his sword in his hands (or a dagger if
too weak to hold a sword) so that symbolically he died while fighting.
If a friend will not help him, the warrior may fling himself at an enemy
so as to be killed properly. If the cultist is alone and cannot find a foe
(real or ritual), he may suicide rather than die of ignominious causes.

Humakti in my game are welcome to any healing magic, unless they have taken a
geas against it. Some Humakti are more concerned with Death, some more with
Truth, and their predilections vary accordingly (their culture also has its
effect). Some fanatical Humakti are so anti-life that they will attack
Chalana Arroy cultists! All Humakt requires from his followers is that
they deal death in a responsible manner, tell the truth, destroy the undead,
and never fear death.

The Catholic ritual is Extreme Unction.



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