RE: Dead Boys

From: Clark, Daren (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 17:52:45 EET

Colin Phillips:

>> Gregs idea that healing was only possible from Chalanna Arroy initiate,
>> I thought was great, so any body playing in my games watch out as I
>> am going to implement this forthwith.


>This explains all your comments: you are thinking from an RPG POV first.
>You want to limit your humakti players from accessing healing. Nothing
>wrong with it. I just think that there are better ways to do it.
>To me, the limitation imposed by Greg seems arbitrary. Why should Humakt's
>cult rules only allow access to CA healers? After all, Humakt cut is bonds
>to every other cult.

Except that CA was on the LBQ with Humakt and I seem to remember a
description somewhere saying that she helped all of them.

Rather than Resurrection, I would like to think that if they lived a true
and deserving life but died 'improperly', then Humakt can keep them in limbo
and may choose to send them back.

I would see them appearing for the suicide mission when a follower calls to
his god for DI. Of course as far as the player is concerned they no longer
exist... unless the GM decides to have them re-appear at an appropriate


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