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Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 18:43:26 EET

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What the Wolf Brothers say :

Now my Daughter, you have walked the paths of our prey, smelt out it's
and tasted it's blood. You have seen how we take the bone, horn and
sinew from our quary, and from it's own body we fashion the spears and
knives we use in our hunt.

Now it is time for you to go with the shaman and learn to hunt the
spirit paths. He has the spirit sight. He will show you how to track
down the spirits usefull to us so that you can bring down the spirit
prey(1). Then he will show you how to make from the spirit's body the
magic tools we use(2). Just as we use the sinew of the deer to bind the
blades on to our spears, and it's bone to make the handles of our
knives, he will show you how to make the magic charms we use. You will
wet your bear's claw in the spirit's blood so that it will keen the
edges of our blades(3). You will take he spirit's breath and blow it on
your raven's feather so that it will swiften your javelin through the

When you use the bear claw charm, that is steeped in spirit blood,
imgaine in your mind that you see the spirit's blood on the claw. If
your magic is strong, then your will see it red and wet in your mind's
eye. Shake the charm and imagine a speck of the spirit blood flicking on

to your blade.Your blade will taste the spirit blood and hunger for the
real, hot blood of your prey and your enemies.

The spirit breath we use to swiften our javelins through the air.
Imagine your raven feather smoking with the breath of the spirit, then
suck it up into your lungs. Blow the spirit breath over your javelin.
You will feel the haft lighten and move restlessly in your hand, ready
to fly through the air, streight and true to it's mark.

These are difficult, powerfull magics. Sometimes when you try to imagine

the blood on the bear claw, you will only see the redness, but you will
not imagine it's wetness and it will not flick on to your blade. As you
grow older, your soul will grow in power(5) and your mind will grow
clearer, then these things will be easier to see and believe. Those with

poor, confused souls are easily distracted and never do this properly.

We are hunters, sly and cunning, strong and clever. Folow the shaman and

learn what he tells you if you want to be a great warrior like your

Simon Hibbs

(1) Spirit Combat.
(2) Focus for the spell. The focus is a physical object, but it is made

from magic parts of the spirit's body, in the same way that their
weapons are made from parts of the prey animal.
(3) Bladesharp.
(4) Speedart.
(5) The ability to bend reality in conformance with the imagination

depends on determination and spiritual strength.


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