Re: Theyalan Exegesis

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 20:36:37 EET

>>Why not simply bite the bullet and admit that the Esrolians and
>>Caladranders are no longer Orlanthi?
>They still are members of the Theyalan culture, though. They have the
>same religious background as the Orlanthi to their admittedly very
>variant main deities. Esrolian notions of Aldrya or Issaries don't
>differ much from Heortlander notions.

I don't believe the Caladralanders ever had the same culture as the
Orlanthi, other than as part of the OOO's Kingdom of Night. They were
the constantly rebelling fire worshipers that got all the bad
press. Real primitives who practice human sacrifice, throwing hapless
victims into their volcanos in order to appease the spirits.

>This means that the Orlanthi had no representative out of their own
>ranks on the Dawn Council (I doubt Aram was descended from the

Aram is very much not a Heortling/Vingkotling, but he became the
representive by wooing Kero Fin and becoming the King of Dragon Pass
(like Argrath later does). After 178, when Aram dies and there's a
contest for Kero Fin's necklace, a new person becomes the King and
thus the human representative of the Council -- probably a Heortling.

>and I find the Haranding claims to descent from the same
>Orlanth Vingkot claims as his father rather weak

Very much so. The Harandings are boar Hsunchen who decided to stay in
Esrolia when the rest of their tribes were chased out, during the
darkness. They swear an oath to their Vingkotling conquerers, and
become as brothers, but they turn right around and break it. Just
can't trust those boars.



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