Re: More Anachronisms

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 19:10:35 EET

Alex Ferguson asked:

>[Lots of Bohemians doing epicly strange things!]

>Tremendous! If you made stuff like that up, no-one would believe you.
>Well, unless your name was Emperor Freiderich II, or to such effect.
>Can you give us a pointer to the source for these rogue facts?

A small sampling is in _Beyond Nationalism: A Social and Political History
of the Habsburg Officer Corps, 1848-1918_ by Istvan Deak. Plus sundry
potential (if anachronistic) game fun as loansharking for junior officers,
cadet colleges, regimental language policies, officially required dueling
and widow and orphan pensions.

Very readable, and some _great_ ideas for making the lives of Lunar junior
officers interesting.

James Frusetta

"Few people today know or care to know very much about the Habsburgs.
History students rush towards doors or even windows when the subject is
mentioned." -- Alan Sked


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