Humaktis and Healing

From: Tarry Higgins (
Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 21:18:00 EET

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Colin Phillips <> says...
> Gregs idea that healing was only possible from Chalanna Arroy initiate,
> I thought was great, so any body playing in my games watch out as I am
> going to implement this forthwith.

Well it might be mythically correct, but what a way to make sure that
nobody will play Humakti. I think from the point of view of a game rule
it's complete and utter nonesense.

I think that the idea completly destroys Humakti as viable player
characters. Without healing (lets assume that you don't have a pet chalana
arroy with you on an adventure) you are going to die in combat very soon,
as the accumulation of damage will kill you. The only way to survive is to
avoid fights at all cost, or be totally concentrated on the attack to the
extent of having no defense, and for what _I_ see as the primary warrior
cult neither of those feel right.

And of course it makes the cult of Humakt totally ineffective as a force
within the world. They cannot get healed up, so these warriors with
locations that go negative are not walking wounded, but are effectivly
casulties. Rake the advancing Humakti's with archery fire and that should
do for them as an effective force, those wounded in the lower half of their
bodies will never make it to the combat.

Sorry, but to me, it's a crap idea. Of course your Glorantan may vary.
But after a while it won't have many Humakti's in it, and correcting that
is going to be real hard.

General Taz!


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