Humakti Death

Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 20:20:23 EET

Sergio and Colin have raised a few points that are interesting.

IMO the Humakti do ritualise against "improper" death by poisoning etc

This is show by their Gifts and skills which give boosted CON vs poison
and disease and the rather useful Sense Assassin ability. In addition, =

they are usually very well trained in treating disease and poison on a =

simple non-magical skill basis.

To me this seems to indicate that the Humakt cult gives every chance =

to those who wish to suvive the perils of war and have a proper death.

Further, it must be recognised that the Humakt cult gives Death and has
powers over Death (indeed, premier powers) but it is not the _only_ =

source of Death and therefore its memebers can "die" of other things
than battle and still be "dead".

Therefore NO resurrection is possible, even if a great hero meets in =

improper death for he should have had the skills to avoid it - "tough
titty" as Humakt would say. :) This is part of being Humakti.

A point here Humakti are already "dead" but it is quite possible for =

the dead to die. The death they have taken during their inititation is
that of spirit death - the severing of spiritual connections to the world=

of the living and instead binding the spirit to the world of the dead.

However, the spirit has not left the body yet and is not seperated in tha=
way, which is another form of death. At this point the soul of the Humak=
wars in the land of the dead with their god and naturally they tend to =

be a bit upset when they are resurrected from that.

Some Humakti take no healing at all as a Geas and these are very "Proper"=

Humakti but this is simply one way to Humakt, I don't think _any_ Humakti=

reach perfection till they are dead and with their God. IMO the stuggle =
a good Humakti in life gives them a leg up on the ladder of heriosm in

By being a great warrior in life they have more status when they are dead=

fight greater battles. By fighting greater battles they become closer to=

their god
and eventually, the ultimate is to be one with their god, weilded as a
perfect =

instument of Death, a sword of Humakt himself.

Martin Laurie


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