What happens after Argrath?

From: Michael Cule (mikec@room3b.demon.co.uk)
Date: Thu 19 Feb 1998 - 23:49:24 EET

Jonathan Coxhead wants to know:

> What happened after _King_of_Sartar_? The bizarre surrounding
>material that surrounds it (signed by someone called "Greg
>Stafford"---no relation, presumably :-)---who lives in the
>totalitarian and depressingly grey reign of Harshax) has a completely
>unexplained decline and fall after the events of the book that lead
>to hundreds of years of illiteracy and general bad stuff. Is the
>explanation for this in the book? I never was much good at decoding
>these things ...--- And recently in this list there is talk of
>Argrath of Pavis as a separate person from Argrath White Bull. Is
>that based on a reading of the book, or some other stuff, and if so

Oh what a good question....

Well, my belief is that ARGRATH AND THE DEVIL is a partial truth and
that Argrath (either deliberately or by accident) destroys most of the
structure of the God-Plane and most of the Gods. And the grey world of
Fourth Age Glorantha is taken over by the *most* secret of all the
conspiracies, whoever they are.... the Harshaxi.

The Illiteracy is probably the result of the death of Lhankhor Mhy and
all the other sage gods. After all, what happened when the God of the
Silver Feet died? The most sinister line in KING OF SARTAR is when
Harshax says: "We could not get rid of writing either, but now it is

And as to the multiple Argraths: there is a theory that at an early
stage of his life, Argrath went on a HeroQuest that created several
Argraths..... I *like* that idea.....

- --
Michael Cule


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