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Date: Sat 21 Feb 1998 - 03:37:53 EET

Peter "Fighting Kiwi" Metcalfe wrote

> We can predict that Bad Things are going to
> happen in the Year 2000 based on our computers.

I believe you meant this to be an exampe of an accurate prediction, but in
fact, the Y2K bug has already been biting. Only recently were credit cards
allowed to expire in /00, and I saw an article about someone having lost
members from a small club's mailing list because their membership expired
in 2000 and the software had deleted them. The point is that the broader
the impact of the prediction, the fuzzier its timing and effects become.
Bringing it back to Glorantha, it's impossible to pinpoint exactly when the
Hero Wars start.

> >There aren't many non-Brithini (or other immortal races)
> >around from that period, the only individual I can think of offhand is that
> >shamaness head-hunter who helped finish off the God Learners in East Ralios.
> Countess Yolanela.

I must have missed some context here, but -- how old are you saying
Yolanela is?

> Published literature tends support my point that the City of Wolves
> is in East Ralios rather than North Ralios where the Telmori were.

Aside from the fact that Telmori can be found nomadically wandering
throughout uncivilized Ralios (Telmoria is north, but Vustria is east),
where's the City of Wolves source? Is this in Dorastor: LoD and I missed it?

> Because the Bemuri would have become Orlanthi _after_ the Chaos
> Wars when because of grevious losses, they became vunerable to
> Orlanthi influences and assimilation.

IMHO, the Bemuri were especially susceptible to the Theyalan missionaries.
Not only is their main totem but a mighty ruminant, most of the Orlanthi
already placed a high value on cattle herding. They would have had to
change little about their culture to become Orlanthi.

BTW, there's been a lot of mention of Brithini lately. It might be worth
mentioning Sandy Petersen's characterization of the surviving Brithini as
spineless scum. Those with any moral element became Malkioni. Those with
any adventuring spirit left. The generous ones probably went out into the
world, too. All that remain are those who aren't courageous enough to
actually do anything, living in mortal fear (literally) of making a minor
transgression that will lose them their immortality.

Martin "Black T-Shirt" Laurie wrote

> Humakti are already "dead"

A loose use of terminology. A stickler would say they're simply on the
pathway to the land of the dead, they just take a longer path than most of

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