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Date: Fri 20 Feb 1998 - 11:41:30 EET

The Cam:

Me>>Ersolia was an Orlanthi society but no longer. In place of the Orlanthi
>>Ring, the Esrolians have the Women's Ring which has different traditions
>>and positions.

>Which are?

Last January, I would have said there are six places for the six
goddesses: Asrelia, Ty Kora Tek, Ernalda, Babeester Gor (first
'a' short or long as desired - Greg apparently prefers both),
Voria and Maran Gor. More details could be found in Wyrms
Footprints 'Goddesses of the Earth'.

Unfortunately since then Greg posted a myth which said that
Asrelia had three daughters: Ernalda, Marangor and Esrolia.
Marangor is our feared Maran Gor, but Esrola is the goddess
of the earth's bounty (food, kids, lust and blood) whereas
Ernalda now becomes the goddess of the spiritual earth "whose
power is not found in solid things, but in actions, rules,
ceremonies, music and familial care."

Now although it's not stated on the webpage concerned, Shannon
has said that it's a myth from Harmast's Saga. So this myth
could be a relic of earlier times before the God Learners (who
ruled Esrola for a while) dicked around.

Alex Ferguson:

>> Herdmen can be taught all kinds of useful tricks; they are more
>> intelligent than other herd beasts, after all (2d6+6 INT, after all,
>> even if it is Fixed).

>I thought they had INT 7? Don't ask me for a source, mind... Your
>point remains true, of course.

Drastic Prax

King Bean:

>(think of that American sci-fi series of the 70's ? where the moon
>gets blasted out of orbit).

Space 1999. Ye Gods, that's only next year!

- --Peter Metcalfe


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