To flense or not to flense, that is the question...

From: Michael Schwartz (
Date: Sat 21 Feb 1998 - 12:16:14 EET

>1. Do not include large sections of a message in your reply. Especially
> not to add "Yeah, I agree" or "No, I disagree." Or be excoriated.
>3. Learn the art of paraphrasing: Don't just quote and comment on a
> point-by-point basis.

I believe excoriation, excruciation and a few other -iations are in order
for both Peter, Joerg and the Cakean False David for their crimes of
wasted bandwidth during the course of recent deliberations, although in
David's case I might be convinced (i.e., bribed) to enter a plea for
leniency on the grounds of his late arrival to the fray.

Or would that constitute roughing and thus make David subject to penalty
kicks? Exactly what *is* the ruling on this, from a Australian Rules
Trollball perspective? Might anyone care to risk life and to grab a giant and ask? Please don't ask me
*where* you should grab the giant, though; that's between you, it and
your local Uleria priestess. ;)

> Peter Metcalfe Arolanit

> Peter Metcalfe Theyalan Exegesis

> Peter Metcalfe magicians
> Peter Metcalfe Waerdeli

Peter, as much as I enjoy your insightful commentary and keen wit, you
really have *far* too much free time on your hands. Have you perhaps
thought about taking up a side-hobby, such as underwater basket-weaving,
to liberate you from the burdensome chore of refuting Gloranthan
heterodoxy wherever it might be found? ;)

Michael Schwartz Ann Arbor, MI USA
"What if life actually *was* fair, and we somehow deserved all the
truly awful things that happened to us?" -- Marcus Cole, Babylon 5


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