Dead Humakti

Date: Sat 21 Feb 1998 - 13:27:22 EET

Colin Phillips:
<<> Gregs idea that healing was only possible from Chalanna Arroy initiate,
> I thought was great, so any body playing in my games watch out as I am
> going to implement this forthwith.>>

Tarry Higgins:

<<Well it might be mythically correct, but what a way to make sure that nobody
will play Humakti. I think from the point of view of a game rule it's
complete and utter nonesense. >>

     I don't see a problem with it as a game rule per se. It would imply that
Humakti won't make very good PCs, but then if they wouldn't in Glorantha, so
be it. Obviously, this might be a problem in an established game, and could be
opposed as a game rule on those grounds

<<Without healing (lets assume that you don't have a pet chalana arroy with
you on an adventure) you are going to die in combat very soon, as the
accumulation of damage will kill you. The only way to survive is to avoid
fights at all cost, or be totally concentrated on the attack to the extent of
having no defense, and for what _I_ see as the primary warrior cult neither of
those feel right.>>

     Presumably, if all Humakti (rather than just those with the geas) are
limited in the healing they receive, they don't care about surviving to that
extent, so they wouldn't be 'avoiding fights'. They'd just be looking for a
way to die gloriously.
     As for 'primary warrior cult', I guess it depends what you mean by
primary. In many respects Orlanth Adventurous (or Orlanth the Warrior, or
whatever you want to call him) is the primary warrior cult, because there's a
lot more of them than there is Humakti, and they're seen as much more
'normal'. However, I do agree with your basic conclusion. The Humakti IMG are
the specialist warriors; housecarls, mercenaries and so on. This was what I
had in mind when I calculated the cult membership figures for the Torkani
(, and those figures are going to be
wrong if the Humakti are as short-lived as seems to be being suggested. I'm
sure *some* Humakti are like that (they can have the geas after all) but to
suggest they all are makes a pretty big change to the way they've been
described so far IMO. So I for one will keep things as they are rather than
trying to perform what seems to me a rather major retcon.


<<>Why should Humakt's cult rules only allow access to CA healers? After all,
>Humakt cut is bonds to every other cult.>>

Daren Clark:

<<Except that CA was on the LBQ with Humakt and I seem to remember a
description somewhere saying that she helped all of them.>>

     Oops. I'm sure that by the time this post reaches the Digest somebody
else will have already pointed out the obvious flaw in the above sentence...

<<Rather than Resurrection, I would like to think that if they lived a true
and deserving life but died 'improperly', then Humakt can keep them in limbo

and may choose to send them back.

I would see them appearing for the suicide mission when a follower calls to
his god for DI. Of course as far as the player is concerned they no longer
exist... unless the GM decides to have them re-appear at an appropriate

      Re-appear as what? IMO, having somebody rematerialise out of thin air
seems stretching it a bit even for DI. Maybe they could come back as a
temporary bound spirit or some such, but personally that's as far as I'd go.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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