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Date: Sat 21 Feb 1998 - 21:08:00 EET

Jeff "Nickname-Giver" Richard wrote

> I do not believe that the Esrolvuli are not initiated
> into the mysteries of the Second Son, the do not have the Ring of Orlanth
> as taught by King Heort, they hold the Earth goddesses to be of more
> practical importance than Orlanth & co., and they have a host of OOO
> influences. This means that other Orlanthi might not consider the
> Esrolvuli to be "proper" Orlanthi or even "Orlanthi".

The double negatives here are mightly confusing, lawyer-man. Want to
rephrase this in clearer terms?

FWIW, I'm also in the "Esrolians are Orlanthi, but variant" camp. The
history in Enclosure 1 shows that they were once the same people, even if
they diverged during the Darkness. And then diverged more under the Only
Old One.

May I offer a compromise to the Humakti healing discussion? Just add a new
geas, "May receive magical healing only from Chalana Arroy initiates."

Also, in some versions of the Lightbringer's Quest, Humakt is said to be
along (and I believe Greg or Sandy have said so, if not in print). Keep in
mind that it's a long quest, and there are plenty of Lightbringers who
don't go the whole distance (such as the Vingkotlings, who defeat the

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