Re: Yolanela

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sat 21 Feb 1998 - 21:35:54 EET

David Dunham sensibly queries:

>> Countess Yolanela.

> I must have missed some context here, but -- how old are you
> saying Yolanela is?

As the person who's written (and inspired) more speculation about
Yolanela than anyone else who comes to mind (except perhaps the
Genertela Book mentions of Yolanda/Yolanela), I can confirm that
there's nothing unusual about her age. She, personally, is not a
survivor from the previous age of Dark Spolite Witchery. Though
she certainly has access to its secrets, hereditary potency in
its rites, etc. Yolanela is not supernaturally old, and is not a

survivor from Ages Past. (Nor, of course, is she a God Learner).
Any speculation that Yolanela is superannuated is quite indepen-
dent of the Yolanela material by myself and MOB, in fiction,
folklore and freeform. YGMV, of course, and I certainly wouldn't
want to say that Gloranthan games where Yolanela isn't heir to
the ancient secrets of Spolite Witchcraft are "unofficial" or
anything stupid like that. But I don't support the notion of
her having an excessive age myself.



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