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Date: Sat 21 Feb 1998 - 22:07:26 EET

David Dunham:

Me>> Countess Yolanela.

>I must have missed some context here, but -- how old are you saying
>Yolanela is?

She's aeons old and remembers Emperor Sarenesh. For more details

Not an official source to confute the contention that all immortals
must be Brithini but one nevertheless persuasive IMO.

>> Published literature tends support my point that the City of Wolves
>> is in East Ralios rather than North Ralios where the Telmori were.

>Aside from the fact that Telmori can be found nomadically wandering
>throughout uncivilized Ralios (Telmoria is north, but Vustria is east),
>where's the City of Wolves source? Is this in Dorastor: LoD and I missed it?

        'One by one the strongholds fell until the forces were
        concentrated in the eastern part of Ralios, especially
        the City of Wolves and the fortress of Kartolin'
                                        Cults of Terror p18.

Jeff Richard:

Me>>>Why not simply bite the bullet and admit that the Esrolians [...]
>>>are no longer Orlanthi?

>However, the Esrolvuli cannot help but to
>acknowledge Orlanth in two very important roles. First, he is the
>Esrolvuli storm god. Second, the Esrolvuli fully acknowledge that Orlanth
>and the Lightbringers saved the world by traveling into Hell and returning
>with the Sun. This means that the Esrolians are "Orlanthi".

Many of the Ralian henotheistic churches acknowledge Orlanth as
their storm god and remember the Lightbringer myth. Yet most
Ralians in such churches see themselves as Malkioni. Which is
why I don't think it a good definition.

If you used '(Orlanthi) All Women are initiated into Ernalda'
as a definition of Orlanthi then you can reasonably claim the
Esrolvuli as Orlanthi but you risk of losing the Ralian Tribes.

If one used the definition of 'speaks a related tongue to
Stormspeech' the one ends up with the modern Tusk Riders as
Orlanthi. Not even lunar propagandists can say that with a
straight face.

But to ask something, in your opinion, do the Esrolians see
_themselves_ as being Orlanthi? If so then they are Orlanthi.
If not (which is my opinion), then they aren't.

Michael Schwartz:


>> Peter Metcalfe Arolanit
>> Peter Metcalfe Theyalan Exegesis
>> Peter Metcalfe magicians
>> Peter Metcalfe Waerdeli

>Peter, as much as I enjoy your insightful commentary and keen wit, you
>really have *far* too much free time on your hands.

Alex Ferguson did the same feat in digest #426 (being the second time
IIRC) and I don't see you ragging him of for having far too much free

- --Peter Metcalfe


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