The Glorantha Digest V5 #449

From: Simon Bray (
Date: Sat 21 Feb 1998 - 22:35:33 EET

Hi All,

 I sometimes wonder as to how much of the divisions in the Holy Country
were created by the Pharoah for his own means and history adjusted
accordingly. If the God Learners could do this sought of thing, then why

couldn't he. By encouraging and supporting the development to extremes of
each of the cultures underlying philosophies, he may have created the
mythical engine to support his immortal existence.
 I am not saying that the people of the places did not lean in these
direction, he just nudged them a little further along he predestined paths.
Much like an Arkatian heroquester who enters the Godplane and adjusts the
myths to suit his magical aims, then perhaps the Pharoah has done this
within the Mortal Plane by manipulating the cultures surrounding his
capital. The repercussions of this would then exist on both the mythical
and material environment of the Holy Country, focussd and centred about the
'Creator' of this minature 'Elelmental Universe' aka the Pharoah.

Cheers Simon.

PS I think that this maybe a load of bollocks, but hell it might be worth a


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