Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #449

From: Daren Clark (
Date: Sat 21 Feb 1998 - 22:49:49 EET

>Daren Clark:
><<Except that CA was on the LBQ with Humakt and I seem to remember a
>description somewhere saying that she helped all of them.>>
> Oops. I'm sure that by the time this post reaches the Digest somebody
>else will have already pointed out the obvious flaw in the above

Yeh I known! still everyone is entilted to make a realy stupid mistake now
and then.

><<Rather than Resurrection, I would like to think that if they lived a true
>and deserving life but died 'improperly', then Humakt can keep them in
>and may choose to send them back.
>I would see them appearing for the suicide mission when a follower calls to
>his god for DI. Of course as far as the player is concerned they no longer
>exist... unless the GM decides to have them re-appear at an appropriate
> Re-appear as what? IMO, having somebody rematerialise out of thin air
>seems stretching it a bit even for DI. Maybe they could come back as a
>temporary bound spirit or some such, but personally that's as far as I'd
I was thinking of a spirit, since they're not going to pop back in their
rotting corpse considering who they are and who sent them :-)


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