Sensitive New Age Humakti

From: Steve Rennell (
Date: Sun 22 Feb 1998 - 12:07:41 EET

Collin Philips replies to me:
> Of course!(slaps forehead) I had never even considered that the
> prohibition would be against healing even themselves, I was thinking
> more in terms of healing from A.N.Other person, who wasn't Chalanna
> Arroy (the rest of the party). Thats a real eye opener.
> I am not sure where I stand on this, probably on stoney ground....

What about humakti healing other humakti? I've since read the RQ3
write up in ToTRM #5 and there are a couple of things that I think
support my position. The first is that a humakti may end up with a
geas that says "accept no magical healing" (I've left it at home
again duh) and there might have been a proviso about the sisters of
Mercy, but I'm not sure. This suggests that the majority of Humakti
can be magically healed.

The second is a bit of the history, where Humakt wanders around
killing things that need killing, and thus helping to heal the world.
I see it sort of like a surgeon lancing pustulant boils so that they
can heal. I sugest that life (and healing) and Death are complexly
intertwined, and thus not clearly separate or opposite.

> I also am against the "new" humakti if you follow sergio's line of
> thinking that even ressurrection is possible.

I'm completely in ageement - once you're dead, that's it. you're off
to the underworld to be with Humakt.

> As for the intiation rites being funeral rites etc. I am afraid I
> am a big supporter.

I'm tending towards using the funeral as the Rune Level entry
ceremony (How many cults are there where you get to go to your own
wake?) Partly I think this is because most of the characters in my
game are already initiates, and I'd hate to miss out on something
with this good a schtick.
> Also First Aid being aligned to life and magical healing not, I
> can't see it. To me, first aid is stopping you bleeding to death,
> sewing up wounds and allowing the body to heal naturally. Magical
> healing just accelerates the process. If you don't like one, how can
> you like the other? (of course the same cticism can be aimed at me
> ;))

I think you've misunderstood me (or I wasn't clear enough) I took the
first aid as evidence that the humakti are not divorced from healing,
and that therefore there's no good reason that they can't use healing
magic (note this was when I thought they were banned from healing

> BTW Steve, my name is spelt Colin Phillips not Collin Philips.

Ooops, my apologies.




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