6-Leggers vs God Learners

From: David Dunham (dunham@pensee.com)
Date: Sun 22 Feb 1998 - 22:44:06 EET

One thing I've never been quite clear on is the distinction between the God
Learners and the Six-Legged Empire.

It's my understanding that both used god learning techniques, but that the
6LE ran into religions on the continent of Pamaltela that couldn't be fit
as conveniently into the Monomyth, so they diverged. (Similarly, the False

Dragon Ring diverged because Kralorela had such different deities.) It also
seems clear that the 6LE dealt with the Pamaltelan interior (such as Jolar).

I'm less clear about what went on along the Pamaltelan coast. I think that
Umathela was settled by mainstream God Learners (and was one of their prime
sites for experimentation). But I don't know which branch was dominant in

Also, while we know lots about the demise of the God Learners (such as the
False Gods Revolt in Umathela), I don't think as much is known about what
happened to the Six Legged Empire (though their horses certainly failed).

Anyone have facts I'm missing / theories?

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