Western songs

From: Jose Ramos (jose@kobo.es)
Date: Sun 22 Feb 1998 - 17:54:08 EET

        Nick uses my own words to show me Safelster under a new light. Thanks!

        I suspect I was reading too much in Genertela about the annihilation
of the Kingdom of Seshnela.

        Now, for all those who wonder about the brithini, I paraphrase
Midnight Oil:

"Some people laugh, some never learn
Some people live, some never die."

        That is the big difference between the brithini and the Malkioni.

        And Midnight Oil is great to make you feel like a God Learner
exploiting Glorantha, which is what list is about.

        After all, who in this list does not want to be a scholar (at least
about a small area) and to be able to dictate through HQ/publication the
past and the future of the world? And to be part of a select
brotherhood/sisterhood, who knows the secret way of Gloranthan Internet, and
try to rule its fate, always with the Trickster/Greg menacing to ruin your
well developed hypothesis.

        Even the subjectivist experiencialists in the list are just core GLs
gone native, as the FDR or the six leggers.

        And now let's continue with our intellectual debate.



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