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Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 02:58:14 EET

> >I must have missed some context here, but -- how old are you saying
> >Yolanela is?

> She's aeons old and remembers Emperor Sarenesh.

Peter, sometimes your ability to extrapolate from a single word is a great
talent. Here, I think it's led you far astray. She remembers *someone*
named Saranesh, who is more likely her husband, the former count. (Nick

could no doubt confirm this.)

Even if she did seduce Emperor Saranesh, he's only about 550 years ago,
hardly "aeons."

> Not an official source to confute the contention that all immortals
> must be Brithini but one nevertheless persuasive IMO.

While I'm less than persuaded by your misinterpretation of this source, I'm
quite certain that not all immortals are Brithini. We know of heroquests
(such as Hill of Gold) that lead to immortality, and long life or
immortality is frequently associated with Gloranthan heroes. And of course
there's the Immortality spell, reputed to be used by certain Malkioni

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