From: Jeff Richard (jrichard@cnw.com)
Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 06:45:50 EET

Howdy all -

David "would have killed a kangaroo if asked" Dunham writes:
JR> I do not believe that the Esrolvuli are not initiated. . .
> Esrolvuli to be "proper" Orlanthi or even "Orlanthi".
DD>The double negatives here are mightly confusing, lawyer-man. Want to
rephrase this in clearer terms?

OK, let me phrase it clearly - I believe that the Esrolvuli:
1) are not initiated into the mysteries of the Second;
2) do not have the Ring of Orlanth as taught by King Heort;
3) hold the Earth goddesses to be of more practical importance than Orlanth
& co.;
4) hold Orlanth as their storm god;
5) acknowledge Orlanth & his six companions as the Lightbringers; and
6) have a host of OOO and Gler influences.

Does that make more sense?

Peter "Killer Kiwi" Metcalfe writes:

>If you used '(Orlanthi) All Women are initiated into Ernalda'
>as a definition of Orlanthi then you can reasonably claim the
>Esrolvuli as Orlanthi but you risk of losing the Ralian Tribes.

Nope, for me the term "Orlanthi" simply means (1) they worship Orlanth as a
premier storm god and (2) acknowledge that Orlanth and the Lightbringers
ended the Darkness. Or to cite a published work, turn to page 16 of Gods
of Glorantha and look at the little map.

>But to ask something, in your opinion, do the Esrolians see
>_themselves_ as being Orlanthi? If so then they are Orlanthi.
>If not (which is my opinion), then they aren't.

I don't think "Orlanthi" is a term used by the various tribes to describe
themselves. "Orlanthi" is something that outsiders, scholars, and, most
importantly, game writers use to describe a myraid of peoples that hold a
few things in common. It is fairly useless as a term when you talking
about the Esrolvuli compared to the Heortlings compared to the East
Ralians. It is useful as a term when comparing the Esrolvuli with the Dara
Happans or the Heortlings with the Pelandans.



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