From: David Cake (
Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 10:24:37 EET

        In the midst of Peters great diatribe, I notice
>>The Kitori are, and have always been (when they were around) a Theyalan
>>tribe. I wouldn't call them Heortlings, and Orlanthi only with some
>>difficulty, but they clearly are Theyalans.
>The human Kitori are Orlanthi worshippers.

        What exactly do you mean? The Kitori are indubitably Theyalan, and
also not Heortling (at the moment, I am assuming that the have Haranding
elements to their culture). But are they Orlanthi? It depends on how you
define it - I think they acknowledge Orlanth, but not as ruling god or
primary mens god, primarily an agricultural god. And I'm sure they wouldn't
think of themselves as 'Orlanthi'. Peter, do your ideas differ from this?
        In the Dawn Age, the Kitori were probably further from being
Orlanthi, their warriors being worshippers of Zolan Zubar (pretty much the
same as Zorak Zoran).




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