Guilds and Prisons

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Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 11:51:01 EET

I have a couple of questions:

RQ2 had a section on Alchemists Guild, Free Sages, Thieve's Guild,
Horsemasters Guild, and so on. RQ3 doesnt. What is the situation with
guilds in Glorantha? In particular, I'm interested in Alchemists, since
I seem to remember from my RQ2 days that carrying a few antidotes around
was a pretty good idea. Also, I've seen some stuff about Herbalism, and
I'm wondering how that might tie up with the Alchemists.

I've also just read in a couple of places (Secret of Sun County and Last
Tango in Pavis) about a Sun County prison. I must admit this was a new
idea for me - I didn't think the concept of incarcerating criminals

existed in Glorantha. I've no problem with it per se, just wondered if
there was any more information about Gloranthan (or just sun County)
prisons, and why people ended up there rather than strangled, mutilated,
duelled (i.e. executed), or whatever.

Thanks, as always, for all help received.

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