Humakt, ressurection and healing

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 11:42:58 EET

Sergio :

>Given all I just mentioned, I would assume that this limitations should

>be so extensive. They would not apply if the Humakti died improperly
>poisoning or from sickness). The Humakti could be ressurected in this
>instances. That way he would have a chance to die properly latter.
>The same reasoning applies to healing: damage done by poison, sickness,

>painfull wounds that cannot result in death could be healed.

How cosy.

>I know this contradicts Greg's statements, but IMO it seems consistent
>the profille of Humakti and the Humakt cult.


Humakt is the severer. He is that which seperates the living from the
dead. What you are sugesting would be the most awfull heresy to a
Humakti. It's like a Chalana Arroy initiate deliberately wounding people

because without wounds, how is Chalana Arroy going to heal them?

Humakti know they can only die once, this is why they place so much
value on it. If they could have 'practice runs', it totaly devalues
their reason for being what they are.



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