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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 11:25:18 EET

Peter writes, re: Yolanela's age, quoting my story:

> She's aeons old and remembers Emperor Sarenesh.

        "Remember the Alamo!"

        "You think we should trust Dragonewts? Remember what
        happened in 1042..."

It was *not* my intent to make Yolanela a surviving contemporary
of the Second Age Emperor Sarenesh. I am sorry if this has derailed
anyone else's speculations. Yolanela was born some time in the last
couple of centuries, though her appearance varies -- cf. her self-
image in "Yolanela Spurned" ("old bones creaking"), and the disparate
views provided by Mikos Thiokonos and the porno portrait in "The Son
of Light Awakens". Simple enough through Sorcery, I'd have thought.

Her knowledge of ancient traditions, archaic law-codes and Second
Age history comes from antiquarian interest (and access to Forbidden
Records in Spol), and not from personal experience.

The Sarenesh reference is to the seduction of the Dara Happan emperor
Sarenesh by an heiress of Old Carmania in the mid-tenth century. I use
this as a "Solomon and Sheba" moment in history, with similar chrome.
Yolanela's theory is that a reenactment by her (beautiful heiress of
Old Carmania comes to the Emperor's Court) of this Second Age event
will necessarily result in the same outcome: the world ruled by their
children. When Moonson refuses (and prohibits her plan), she turns to
other schemes. She did not seduce Sarenesh; she was not born in the
Second Age.

It *is* rather interesting, being interpreted by Peter: I wonder how
Greg would feel...

David D writes:

> One thing I've never been quite clear on is the distinction between
> the God Learners and the Six-Legged Empire.

Presumably, as the God Learners represented an "orthodox" monomythical
view of Gloranthan myth, it was necessary for divergent groups (working
with Kralorelan/Pamaltelan myths) to separate themselves from the main-
stream. "Orthodox" GLs in Kralorela would have been unable to use the
special/different magics of the land: they'd have been tied to the One
True Cult Writeup perspective (orthodox GL worldview). Because they
used what *was* there, and not what their theories and models *said*
should be there, they diverged from the GL norm. Likewise the 6LE.

> I think that Umathela was settled by mainstream God Learners

Yep, this appears most likely.

> I don't think as much is known about what happened to the Six Legged
> Empire (though their horses certainly failed).

Hon Hoolbiktu happened. Sandy has some great stories about him.



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