I'm rather foolish...

From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 12:28:31 EET

> After writing it, chastened by Michael's calls for excoriation etc,
>I >considered my response to the latest Peter Metcalfe rant, and decided
>that >there was almost nothing in either it or the article I was
>responding too of >general interest to the digest, and sent it straight to
>him. Should anyone be >curious as to what I said in reply to Peter, you
>just have to ask and I'll send >it to you.

And then, of course, I pasted Peters email address into the subject not the
To:, and sent it to the digest anyway, and now I feel like an idiot...

        yours, somewhat embarrased,



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