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Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 16:58:27 EET

G'day all,


David Dunham:
>>I must have missed some context here, but -- how old are you saying
>>Yolanela is?

Peter Metcalfe cites Nick Brooke's splendid story on my web page:

>She's aeons old and remembers Emperor Sarenesh.
>For more details cf:

Nick's story is well worth a visit everyone, but it doesn't claim that
Countess Yolenela is "aeons old". What Yo's doing here is recalling Dark
Secrets from ancient Spolite witchcraft, of which she is a devotee and
heir. She knows what happened to the Emperor Sarenesh, but *she* wasn't
the one that did it to him - she just wants to do the same to Moonson!
(which is why Mikos Theokinos won't let her near him - see my story "The
Son of Light Awakens" also available at MOB's Glorantha Page.)

Peter, your ability to extrapolate Gloranthan grooviness from the merest
potshard is admirable, but here mate, as one of the originators of this
Yolanela stuff I can assure you've misinterpreted the source. Yolanela is
only supernaturally youthful in the way Joan Collins is...

>Not an official source to confute the contention that all immortals
>must be Brithini but one nevertheless persuasive IMO.

Please note that I don't pretend *anything* on my Glorantha Page is
"official" (nasty word), though I hope *all* of it is reasonably



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