Orlanthi and Orlanthings

From: Mikael Raaterova (michael.raaterova.7033@student.uu.se)
Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 11:16:13 EET

Seeing the confusion about what peoples/cultures are orlanthi and what
peoples/cultures are not, i just want to take the chance to remind people
of my nifty distinction between those who are initiated and worship Orlanth
(= ORLANTHI), and those who belong to a culture that regards Orlanth as the
King of the Gods (=ORLANTHINGS).

Odaylans, Elmalites, Humakti and Ernaldans in Sartar are orlanthings but
not orlanthi. The Dinacoli tribe is orlanthing even if they worship
(Y)Elmal(io) since they regard Orlanth as the king of the kods and ruler of
the universe.

Not that i believe that orlanthings name themselves 'orlanthings', though.
Using 'orlanthi' to describe both the initiates of Orlanth and the members
of a *culture* that is defined/bounded by Orlanth's Laws and Traditions is
bound to cause confusion. My distinction between orlanthi and orlanthings
is *not* present within Glorantha, it's merely a tool for evading (some)
confusion when discussing Glorantha.

And the gods should know we need less confusion on the digest; just witness
the exchange between Joerg and Peter based on the term 'theyalan' and the
resulting discussion about what cultures are theyalan/orlanthi/heortling or

The distinction between orlanthi and orlanthings is of course based on a
male perspective. In Esrolia, the culturally defining worship is centred on
Ernalda, regardless of which male god happen to be King of the Gods since
Ernalda is Queen of the World. There are undoubtedly both orlanthi and
orlanthings in Esrolia but Esrolia is *not* an orlanthing culture. (I know
there's problems with talking about 'Esrolian culture' since there may not
be any such thing as a homogenous Esrolian culture, just varying degrees of
divergence and difference).

Maybe this will just cause more confusion? Aww, hell, i'll shut up now.

Michael Raaterova

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