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Date: Mon 23 Feb 1998 - 19:47:40 EET

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As much as I hate to get involved in such a titanic struggle for fear of
squashed I have some problems with the following statement:

Joerg said:

>Speaking of the EWF, it appears that Greatway was at least an EWF ally,
>and the elves started out as members as well.

Well you're half right..

"The Votanki king Hargaard Silverfist was the envoy who returned the
treasure to the Empire of the Wyrms Friends in Dragon Pass in the year
720. His trip's profit surprised him, and he returned with tales of great
wealth and splendor. Few were distressed when envoys from the
empire came to the lands and solicited support. Hargaard consented
and so did the local elves. These two forces, with Imperial dragonewt
aid, suppressed the dwarves and drove the trolls back over their mountain,
and then entered a period of relative peace. The trolls sacked the city
and shallower tunnels of Greatway about this time, probably in the year
747, and also burned the forests covering the land now called
Dangerground." Griffin Mountain p. 7

It's kind of hard to be allies with someone who has "suppressed" you.
They might have ended up as allies but they sure didn't start out as

According to the same source the elves of the Elder Wilds seceded from
the EWF around 890 over their refusal to worship the leaders of the EWF
as gods.

Oliver D. Bernuetz


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