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Date: Tue 24 Feb 1998 - 03:09:38 EET

> From: Richard Ohlson <>
> Second, the concept that only Chalana Arroy initiates, due to their
> strong association with life, can heal a Humakti is interesting though
> horribly limiting. One thing that I would like to see would be a nice
> myth about how Humakt SAVED Chalana Arroy during the gods war.

There is already a myth explaining Humakt and healing. He (in Cults of
Prax) is given as one of the possible fathers of Arroin. Presumably,
this occurred (if it did - CA never said who the father was, after all)
before he found Death, while he was just one of the (top) students in
Kargan Tor's school back on the Spike. I can't remember whether Arroin
was covered in the Humakt or the CA section, so I can't say whether it
was one or both cults' myths that were referenced. Thus, he either had
healing as a lover's gift (I guess that she got protection from bullies
like Shargash and Zorak Zoran [if that is not redundant]), or learns it
from his possible son, while he is teaching the boy to stand up for

> Perhaps she was about to die an unhonorable death or due to a mistake that
> Humakt made, and in gratitude she taught him how to heal. Heck, it could
> even be a matter where Humakt grossly injured a friend (Orlanth?) and
> had to make a quest to atone for it.

Humakt had friends??? I always assumed that he was too dour and single-
minded, given that the only gods who associated with him were the ones who
associate with ANYONE. I.e., Trickster, UlEria, and CA. After all, his
own twin or younger brother felt justified in stealing Death (his pride
and joy) from him, so clearly he wasn't ever exactly approachable.

> In fact, it is very plausible that Humakt was NOT always "an honorable
> dealer of death," but instead the horrid monsther 90% of the Gloranthans
> think he is. If Chalana Arroy had to go out of the way to teach him the
> error of his ways (Showing the needless suffering, etc.) while he shows
> her that Death is an important/integral part of Glorantha, they could
> come to an understanding.

Like Onslaught (aka Sir Death) and the White Healer do in Ralios, at the
end? This would imply that his one blow, murder-suicide, was reinacting
a rite that they had both forgotten. Very interesting...


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