Pent Ridge

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G'day all,
Pent Ridge

Richard asks:
> I've also just read in a couple of places about a Sun County prison.
> I must admit this was a new idea for me - I didn't think the concept
> of incarcerating criminals existed in Glorantha.

The concept of a prison is a new idea for the Count too! Solanthos has
recently re-established the old salt mines at Pent Ridge, out in Vulture's
Country. Sun County worked the mines centuries ago, but abandoned them
during the Solitude of Testing period of nomad domination. The presence of
the Lunars (and their Sable Rider allies) has enabled Count Solanthos to get
it going again, and he has recently begun showing a cheerful readiness to
banish all manner of criminals, hazia addicts, deviants and troublesome
outsiders there for periods up to lifetime enslavement.

> Why do people end up in prison rather than strangled, mutilated,
> executed, or whatever?

Well, not only is Pent Ridge becoming very lucrative for the County,
Solanthos sees it as a solution to the Hazia problem sweeping his domain.
Perhaps influenced by the Lunars' Xaroni example, addicts and petty
criminals are sentenced to the mines for a season or five in the expectation
that this will somehow straighten them out. I imagine such thinking will be
about as successful there as it is here in the RW.

Scenario Hooks, thought up on the fly:

* The Count sends the PCs out to survey the ancient salt mines with the hope
of establishing them again. What lurks there now? [Leads to classic
dungeon crawl...]

* The Count sentences the PCs to servitude in the mines for a crime they did
not commit (or maybe they did). They have to escape and somehow clear their

* The PCS are sent on a mission to infiltrate the Pent Ridge mines (who by -
the Spoken Word, the Sartarite resistance, the Black Fang brotherhood?) and
talk to/rescue/kill a prisoner. How's the best way to get in there? Commit
a crime in Sun County of course, and hope the Count's not in a mutilating
and blinding sort of mood... [Note: a scenario like this was originally
going to become a part of SUN COUNTY.]

(BTW, the Byzantines thought mutilation a *merciful* alternative to
execution. The criminal, deprived of nose/tongue/hands/eyes/feet/whatever
was the fashion would have ample time to pray for forgiveness of their evil
deeds, learn humility and prepare themselves for the hereafter while they
slowly starved to death in a life of destitute beggary. If they were killed
straightaway, they would have had no opportunity to repent and would
therefore be condemned to hell for eternity!)


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