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Jeff "not Nick" Richard
>for me the term "Orlanthi" simply means (1) they worship Orlanth as a
>premier storm god and (2) acknowledge that Orlanth and the Lightbringers
>ended the Darkness. Or to cite a published work, turn to page 16 of Gods
>of Glorantha and look at the little map.

        Well, by that definition the Kitori are Orlanthi. They might not
think that being premier storm god is all that important, and they might
not regard the Lightbringers as being quite as worthy of veneration as the
gods who kept them alive during the Darkness while Orlanth was off in Hell
trying to undo the damage he caused.

        Nick and MOB can rest easy that at least one person interpreted the
reference to Sarenash in the spirit in which they were intended. I always
just assumed that Yolanela had merely a good grasp of history.

Peter Metcalfe on the Six Leggeds
>I think the Six-legged Empire was really an indigenous version of
>the God Learner Empire created by converted natives rather than a
>gloranthan version of apartheid South Africa.

        I think that the leadership of the Six Legged were mostly from
Fonrit and nearby, perhaps connected to the Sorcerers of Kalabar. I agree

with Peter that most of the leadership were doraddi racially, though I
don't think that many of them were natives of Jolar or Kothar, at least not
in the initial stages of the empire. Of course, you would have the
occasional white adventurer joining in, from Umathela or Jrustela, but I
think it was mostly a Fonritian incursion. They probably conquered Laskal
as well. Thats not the only possibility, but its my favoured option of the
        Though there is some reasons for doubt about the details, though.
Hon Hoolbiktu was not merely restoring the Doraddi lands to their pre-Six
Legged state. Quite a lot of post Hon culture is actually brand new. The
Doraddi think Hon Hoolbiktu was a part of their gradual evolution towards
an idyllic existence in which they have learnt to avoid all the bad aspects
of civilisation. While I don't think they rode before the Six Leggeds came,
it is likely that the did have some of the other trappings of civilisation
that they now lack. I think they did have larger settlements in the pre-Six

Legged era, and the somewhat odd permanently settled but only by old people
oases are a remnant, for example.
        So its possible that the while the current Doraddi would be
straight away hostile to Six Legged civilisation, the pre-Six Legged
Doraddi where more open, and indeed many of them willingly joined the Six
Leggeds. I don't really think so, though.

>The sources talk about foreign gods, so it's my opinion that they
>imported some gods from the north and worshipped them in the plains.
>I don't think they made any real attempt to God Learn native spirits
>preferring to place their trust in the obviously superior wisdom from
>the north.

        I agree that they imported many foreign gods. But there is a strong
temptation to lump all the many out of place mentions of Pamalt and other
Pamaltelan gods (ie Pamalt in the Ernalda writeup, the Pamaltelan Lodril)
as God Learnerisms, and thus obviously the work of the Six Leggeds. Ergo,

they DID try to God Learn the native religions. And they probably succeeded
- - Baba Ulodr is pretty much identical to Lodril now in many peoples myths.
And the idea of Pamalt as the southern Earth King, Generts counterpart, is
also something I don't think is original to the Pamaltelan religion, along
with the attempt to turn his pantheon into an earth pantheon.

>Personally I think it's a region of glorantha where one can make up
>facts on the fly.

        Indeed. And I do.

> I do believe that they unleashed the plague that
>destroyed the Elf Empire of Errinoru which means they survived past
>975 but they would have perished before 1202 ST (when the Katelites

        We know they used plague, and also that Hon Hoolbiktu used it
against them. So it seems very likely to me that one or the other was




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