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Date: Tue 24 Feb 1998 - 11:01:57 EET

Laurent Labrot (?) asks:

> 1: Where can I find an historical presentation of Glorantha that can
> help me to undertand you here (French book Genertela is very unclear
> and I didn't see any material on the subject, King of Sartar explaining=

> the future...)

The best place is at <>, Chaosium's official Gloranthan
site. There's a "Cosmology" and a "History" included in its Lhankor Mhy
Lore Library which were originally printed in "Cults of Terror" (1981)
and are still (in my opinion) the best single sources on the subject. And=

they're free!

Regional histories don't come any better than the "Genertela Book"
chapters, apart from speculation here. There's my "Brief History of
Malkionism" on my homepage <
and you can also find Peter Metcalfe's laboriously-compiled timelines of
Gloranthan history on his, at <>.

> 2: Where can I find valuable maps online? (the ones I saw are too simpl=

I do not believe there are any "good maps" of Glorantha (or major parts
thereof) available on the WWW -- yet. There are elementary ones at:

        <> (continents and major regions only)

        <> (areas covered on site)

        <> (Carmania)

There's a detailed map of the region around the Stinking Forest on the
"RuneQuest Adventures" preview page -- I don't have the URL handy, but
there will be links to it from most or all of the above sites, I am sure.=

The best source for maps remains the Genertela Book -- and the maps in th=
lovely French edition are *far* better than what we English-speakers have=

to put up with!

> 3: I don't understand why Chaosium can make news products like River of=

> Cradles and will not print the Pavis information again??? Young gamers
> are not allowed to play in this city or in Big Rubble??

Most of the background from the "Pavis", "Big Rubble" and "Borderlands"
boxed sets is reprinted in "River of Cradles". What you're missing is the=

scenario material, which made up the 64-page "Pavis Episodes" book, the
96-page "Big Rubble Episodes" book, and the seven loose-leaf Borderlands

Chaosium/Avalon Hill's unwillingness to reprint scenarios is largely to d=
with expected market sizes. Many older RQ referees already own the Pavis
box etc. and would not appreciate buying 50-60 pages of reprinted "one-of=
scenarios as part of a new product. Sales of adventures will *always* be
lower than those of other supplements: imagine a "typical gaming group"
with half a dozen gamers: all of them may own the rules of the game, half=

of them may be keen enough to buy Players' Books and World Background
Books and the like, but only one will probably want to buy (and run) any
scenarios that are going. Given that, sales of a *reprinted* scenario wil=
be lower still (as even older GMs won't want to buy the new product). [1]=

Also, in part, the Cradle scenario was *inappropriate* for reprinting at
the point in time when "River of Cradles" came out. This was meant to
encourage new RQ players to explore Glorantha; the Cradle scenario is
meant to kill off Rune Lords and round off a successful Pavis campaign. [=

So "young gamers" who desperately want to play the published "Pavis" and
"Big Rubble" scenarios can try to buy second-hand copies of the boxed set=
which do come up for sale at RQ-Con auctions and on the Internet from tim=
to time. But I'd suggest that you resign yourselves to creating your own,=

all-new scenario material, using the background from "River of Cradles"
(which includes, as I say, substantially all of the background from the
old boxed sets). And be happy that, through the likes of "Sun County" and=

"Troubled Waters" and "Strangers in Prax" and "Tales of the Reaching Moon=
you have access to more good, recent Gloranthan scenario material than wa=
ever available to RQ2 players at the height of the Golden Age.

> 4: Excuse my English, I learned German and Italian at school...

You have nothing to apologise for!


[1] while superficially plausible, Nick's account fails to explain the
number of times the Kyger Litor cult was reprinted in Avalon Hill product=

[2] despite this able defence, Avalon Hill went on to print "Dorastor", a=

land wholly devoted to killing off Rune Lords at the end of high-powered


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