Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #453

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Tue 24 Feb 1998 - 12:38:58 EET

>One thing I was considering,
>was that if Humakti families behave as if they have died, if the cult
>acts as if they are allready dead, then perhaps part of the initiation
>ceremony involves the actual killing of the initiate in a proper way.
>(i.e. by the sword.) Afterwards, anything that happens to him, is
>essentially nothing more than abusing a corpse, which really doesn't
>matter except for the fact that it happnes to be an agent of Death.

Actual killing? What do you mean by that? You have already said you
don't think Humakti should be resurectable. I think this is going too
far, too close to undeath.

 >One thing that I would like to see would be a nice
>myth about how Humakt SAVED Challana Arroy during the gods war.
>she was about to die an unhonorable death or due to a mistake that
>Humakt made, and in gratitude she taught him how to heal.

We know that Humakt slughtered the healers of Healer Valley, which is
re-enacted in the outlawed Lead Cross heroquest. Does that help?

>Heck, it could
>even be a matter where Humakt grossly injured a friend (Orlanth?) and
>had to make a quest to attone for it.

Atone? Are you mad? That's the kind of thing Orlanth does, not Humakt.
This is why Humakti sever their ties to their kin - so that their kin
cannot be held accountable for their actions. This leads one to suspect
that this is because their actions aren't the sort of thing innocent
civilians are likely to want to be associated with.

> I guess it would come down to this, "If you
>strive to make every death honorable, I will grant you the ability to
>halt unneccessary death."

A Humakti would say that all deaths are necessery. Death is absolute -

>Likewise, it could create a tradition where
>Humakti perform euthanasia on patients the Healers can not help and are

>in terrible pain.

A Humakti would be glad to bring the release of death to one in
suffering, but then to live is to suffer. I doubt CA has a euthanasia
ethic though.

>I would even go so far as say that after a Humakti makes Sword, and
>is initiated into the innermost secrets of the cult, he may learn just
>how reliant Humakt is on Challana Arroy.


>It would also heighten the
>tension caused by the Lead Cross dohicky, and justify another group of
>people that respect the White Robes.

I see you know of the Lead Cross quest, yet still come up with this. It
amazes me. I can't see a self-respecting healer having anything to do
with humakti by choice. They stand against everything Chalana Arroy



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