Humakt and Healer

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Date: Tue 24 Feb 1998 - 14:26:09 EET

Rich Ohlson
>In fact, it is very plausible that Humakt was NOT always "an honorable
>dealer of death," but instead the horrid monsther 90% of the
>think he is.

Probably all storm gods were. In 3rd Age myths, most rode in the host of
Vadrus, including Orlanth, and probably did things now ascribed to
Vadrus, or even Ragnaglar. (Look at the origin story of the mermen - it
differs from that of the broos only by the fact that the victims did not
embrace being raped like Thed did. Of course, it shows that not all
storm gods were equally bad in this, either.)

>If Challana Arroy had to go out of the way to teach him the
>error of his ways (Showing the needless suffering, etc.) while he shows
>her that Death is an important/integral part of Glorantha, they could
>come to an understanding.

Isn't there sort of a myth that Arroin and Humakt once kept company?
IIRC Arroin is mentioned as an allied deity teaching the skill of First
Aid to Humakti. Note that even where there is a prohibition against
magical healing there is none against a physician's work on wounds.

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