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Assuming anybody is interested...

Humakti Death, Bill Thompson
>Yet I have to wonder, if a humakti is already spiritually dead then does it
>really matter how his physical self is terminated. Wouldn't his spirit self
>already reside with Humakt?

Guilds and other RQ2 contrivances...
IMO the whole guild structure is of Western origin and that, in Malkioni
society, alchemist is a wizard-caste crafter. However, malkioni alchemists
do not spend most of their time manufacturing Blade Venoms and selling them
to adventurers, but "searching for the Truth of Matter" by means we would
recognize as chemistry experiments. (Awright, so this is Jungian...)

Organisations that _resemble_ guilds can be found elsewhere like in Sartar
and Pavis but some, rather loosely organized groups also use the word to
describe themselves. In urban areas (including Esrolia) alchemists are a
subset of crafters and, IMO, do not sell their masterpieces to just about
anyone. Unless they are short of money (One of my players wanted a Fly
potion so I charged a high price and required a Flying skill roll...)

Of course, those who do sell their concoctions, are sure to call themselves
alchemists. Some of them are actually people manufacturing dyes and
cosmetics from unusual ingredients or herbalists using more "scientific"
method of manufacture.=20

And then there are Lambril gang "alhemists" (who are more like counterparts
to RW drug lord "chemists") that manufacture Thunder Lung Dust and
everything else described in Lambril writeup in the Pavis pack...

>Thieves' Guild -- scrapped (too silly for words).
        Remnant of D&D and Fritz Leiber removed ? Thank gods.
For that matter, I do agree with Nick about Free Sages and Horsemaster's
Guild, too.=20

>I recommend you use specific herbs rather than alchemical recipies for
>your handy antidotes.
        I agree, as long as it does not become as common as in MERP...
        I do think that healing herbs and even some potions could be found but
this is stricktly Chalana Arroy monopoly ! Even thought there could be
"illicit healing potions" sold in black market by disreputable "alchemists"
with minor effects and major side-effects... ("I survived that giant when I
drank the potion !" "Yeah, but try to survive that Uroxi band - you stink
so much they think you are a broo !"

Jeff "?" Richard.
>I believe that the Esrolian storm god is called Orlanth. I don't believe
>that he is "emasculated and enfeebled" - but he is not the proud king of
>the gods that the Heortlings recognize.
        That's almost what I believe - Orlanth is a legitimate "macho reserve" but
the god also has a purpose. Ernalda/Esrola is of course the most important
but he keeps his husbands working. Yelm takes care about light and Orlanth
takes care about weather and so on.
        However, I do not see why Orlanth-worshipers of any kind would be
automatically _afraid_ of storms. Maybe a city matriach calls his
Orlanth-husband to perform some rites so that the water (required by the
crops IMO, fertility magic or not) does fall but the thunder and lightning
do not cause any significant damage. (That=B4s why I also think that the
mainly Orlanth Thunderous aspect is recognized in Esrolia.)=20

>I strongly believe that the Esrolians recognize the
>Lightbringers' Quest as established by Harmast Barefoot and share that
>panoply of myths.
        Ahem... I do not think they would recognize _Harmast_ at all (male Ralian
the last time I heard about it) but there is a possibility that they have

their own "representative" doing the similar thing alongside him. Any ideas=

Philip Hibbs_
>Love it! One of the things I'd like to see expanded is the regional and
>cultural spell variations. It seems somehow lacking to imagine two large
>armies clashing together, both sides weilding identical Bladesharps &
        That was not exactly the reason but IMG the idea is something like this.
        Spells - spirit or divine - taught by different cults are in fact
different spells. In game terms, Fireblade remains Fireblade, but the
Fireblade of Yelm is different from a Fireblade of Humakti, for example.
The first has been described (by one of my players) a "plasma sword" when
Humakti Fireblade is the regular "flaming sword"-variety. Other examples do
exist, like how different look like the Protection spells of hsunchen cults.

        This in fact begun when I thought that Divination of RQ3 was rather
boring. Maybe Yelmites glance at the fire to receive visions; Maybe Orlanth
priests interpret the sound of the wind (there is Wind Words spell...);
There are numerous other divination methods in RW that sound much more
intriguing... So I tried the same idea with most other spells...

Vesa Lehtinen


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