Kero Fin's necklace

From: Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG (
Date: Tue 24 Feb 1998 - 16:40:24 EET

Shannon Appel said:

>Aram is very much not a Heortling/Vingkotling, but he became the
>representive by wooing Kero Fin and becoming the King of Dragon Pass
>(like Argrath later does). After 178, when Aram dies and there's a
>contest for Kero Fin's necklace, a new person becomes the King and
>thus the human representative of the Council -- probably a Heortling.

Is the same object referred to as Uleria's Necklace in Griffin Mountain?
If so what else is known about it and the contest?

Oliver D. Bernuetz

P.S. Sorry about the duplicate post about Greatway, I must need to get my
eyes checked as I could have sworn it hadn't made it in earlier.


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