Convulsion 4

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 24 Feb 1998 - 17:46:27 EET

I have just updated my homepage with some information about
Convulsion 4 - The Next Generation. This is the Gloranthan
and Chaosium games convention coming to Leicester, UK, from
24-26 July 1998. Our Guests of Honour are Greg Stafford,
Sandy Petersen and Michael O'Brien. Other guests and hangers-
on include the usual crowd of Megacorp luminaries, Robin Laws,
Ken Rolston, Oliver Dickinson, Neil Robinson, and many more
of the same ilk. The convention's featured freeform will be
"Life of Moonson", a 50-player Lunar extravaganza.

The new information on my homepage includes a sign-up form and
the text of the Con's first Progress Report (PR1), which was
mailed out last week to all the sensible people who registered
early. There are still plenty of places at the Con, but in past
years they have vanished rapidly when our advertising cranks
into high gear. Consider yourselves warned!


Any enquiries about Convention membership, etc. should be sent
to our overworked membership chappie, Lewis Jardine, who can be
e-mailed at: <>

We look forward to Convulsing with you this summer in Leicester!



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